Who We Are

Some of us are former employees of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), while the rest are still active in the organization. We want to deliver health updates to the general audience because we believe that every one of us has equal rights to achieve better health.

Our Subjects

This site aims at raising awareness among the general populace about the interconnectedness of nature and health. The more we stray from what’s natural, the more likely we become sick. According to a study entitled, “Cities and Mental Health,” city dwellers are vulnerable to major mental illnesses, such as anxiety, psychotic, mood, and addictive disorders. Schizophrenia was also found to be prevalent among those who lived in big cities. We can conclude that although big cities give us access to unlimited information, it does not necessarily turn the dwellers into healthier people and the environment where we live in affects our wellbeing.

Moreover, cited from Sciencedaily.com, a study published on Cancer (a peer-reviewed journal by the American Cancer Society) on June 15, 2009,  concluded that late-stage cancer is more likely to be found on people who spend a majority of their lives in big cities than those who live in rural areas. Air pollution, poor diet, and lacking exercise seem to correlate with that fact.

We are here to provide you with the most recent updates on those subjects so that you can live your life more wisely than before.