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ELP - Directory of Student Training Opportunities (DSTO)

The purpose of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) Directory of Student Training Opportunities (DSTO) is to assist student Environmental Health students fulfil the requirements of the Work- Based Experiential Learning programme. This document should be used in association with Chartered Institute of Environmental Health ‘Success in Experiential Learning’ publication.

The scheme started in Wales and has been so successful that it is now being expanded during 2011 to cover other areas, so if you don’t find something near to you now, do check back. Also if you are aware of student training opportunities that you think the provider would be willing to offer to others, please email Julie Barratt, CIEH Director Wales, who is co-ordinating the Directory: j.barratt@cieh.org

The Directory of Student Training Opportunities contains a wide range of training opportunities the completion of which will allow students to demonstrate that they have achieved prescribed skills within the prescribed interventions areas of the Work-based Experiential Learning Matrices. Some of the training opportunities are for a period of one day or one week, whilst others may span a period of time. The time allocated by the training provider offering the training opportunity is the time that the provider considers is necessary to obtain an understanding of the intervention area. It is not intended that each student will take up every training opportunity, but that individual students will select those opportunities that they either require to complete their Experiential Learning Programme or feel would be useful in ensuring that their Work-Based Learning is as rounded as possible.

The Directory of Student Training Opportunities is not intended to be a static document, further Training Opportunities will be added whenever the same can be identified, thereby ensuring that students have as wide and varied a portfolio of opportunities available to them as possible.

- Abattoir / On farm turkey slaughter

- Delicatessen / Hot food counter 

- Noise Action Week 

- Area renewal 

- Civic Amenity / Landfill / Waste disposal site 

- Health and Fitness Club

- Hotel 

- Petting Farm childrens zoo

Intervention areas

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