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Intervention alcohol: addressing alcohol related issues


Stephen Battersby,

President, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Alcohol has been called the social drug. It is a lawful, familiar and accessible product that most of us use in a responsible way. However the damage its misuse can cause is also apparent – causing harm to the physical and mental health of those who use it to excess and undermining families, communities, the economy and wellbeing.

Tackling the problems caused by misuse of alcohol is not straightforward, and it is certainly one that is to large and too complex for any one group and responses have to match the many ways in which alcohol and its misuse affect us.. Environmental Health Practitioners and their local authority colleagues can play a valuable role in this agenda, working with the medical profession, police and with others from the alcohol industry to promote and deliver the appropriate responses so that we can prevent problems and address them when they arise .

This toolkit contains 10 interventions, each of which addresses one alcohol related issue. They are delivered by local authorities working with a variety of partner organisations, and either address problems before they have chance to arise through education or tackle issues that have emerged by providing deliverable and cost effective solutions. All of them have been piloted and all of them work. The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health is very grateful to those local authorities and other organisations that created the initiatives for allowing us to collate and share them in this toolkit.

I warmly welcome this toolkit and commend it to you. Please use it and further, please share it with colleagues in your organisation and wider. I hope you will find it invaluable in your future work tackling alcohol misuse.




Bottle Marking: preventing the supply of alcohol to minors

Toolkit to prevent the supply of alcohol to minors by facilitating traceability of bottles and cans to retail premises.


Best Bar None 

Discouraging binge drinking and associated crime and violence through Licensing Award Scheme


Drinks Spiking 

Prevents the spiking of drinks in pubs and clubs


Anti Spike 

Raises awareness of the risk of drink spiking


Alcohol Information Card 

Promotes safe use of alcohol and gives supplementary health or safety information


Moderation Nation 

Alcohol Awareness Advertising Campaign


Alcohol Awareness in schools through PSE 

Raises awareness of the risks of alcohol misuse through the school PSE curriculum


Digital Stories 

Raises awareness of risks of alcohol misuse and promotes behaviour change in

young people


Steward Training 

Off the shelf door steward training package


Street Clear 

Precluding the drinking of alcohol in public places using the CJ&P Act 2001


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