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How to use this Directory

Students on placement with a local Authority or other training provider should take advantage of the opportunities offered by their placement provider before taking up opportunities from the Directory.

  1. Identify a Prescribed Intervention Area that you have not experienced, or have experienced but wish to revisit to further or broaden your experience.
  2. Refer to the relevant chapter in this Student Training Opportunities Directory and identify the training opportunity that most closely matches your requirements.
  3. Where the training opportunity offered is for a single student, contact the host training provider through the contact officer name given, and make a mutually convenient appointment.
  4. Before you attend think about all of the Interventions that may be available at the Training Opportunity – consider the Mind Maps in this document, which are not intended to be exclusive or exhaustive, but are suggestion as to opportunities that may be available.  Plan to maximise the value of your visit.
  5. Attend at the host training provider on the agreed date and time, ensuring that you take with you any items listed in the ‘Special Requirements’, and that you are familiar with any of the information indicated as being important in the ‘Additional Comments’ to the visit.
  6. Whilst on the visit make sure that you obtain all of the material that you will need to submit as evidence in support of your having achieved a suitable level of understanding in the Intervention Area. This may include photographs, sketches, copies of reports or protocols or copies of complaints. Your evidence should be as complete as possible to preclude the need for a revisit to be made to the host provider at a later date.
  7. If, for any reason you are unable to attend at the host training provider in accordance with an agreed visit you should contact the provider as soon as possible to advise to that effect, in order to ensure that no unnecessary arrangements are made by them in anticipation of your visit.


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