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Cross Referencing Interventions

At first sight the ELP can appear extremely daunting, and there is a tendency for students to think that it is necessary for them to carry out one visit for each of the interventions they are required to complete. This is not the case. One visit or inspection can often be cross referenced across a number of interventions and can be used to demonstrate development or improvement of a number of skills.

It is unwise to launch into completion of the ELP without some pre-planning. Familiarise yourself with the Interventions required in each of the Intervention Areas and the skills that are required to develop and demonstrate. You may find that one visit, if carefully planned, can yield a comprehensive write up that will cover off a number of intervention areas and skills, but it is also the case that the same visit may yield only a limited write up if you have not considered all of the possibilities before hand and ensured that you explore them all whilst you are on site.  Unless you are very fortunate it is unlikely that you will have the chance to repeat visits to cover off things you have missed or failed to consider, so it is important to give some thought to what you may see on the visit and to make sure you follow these up when you arrive on site, obtaining sufficient evidence to support your write up.

A number of Mind Maps follow this page, showing how a simple visit may lend itself to cross referencing both within its ‘own’ intervention area and across intervention areas. The suggestions are neither exclusive nor exhaustive, but demonstrate the way in which you may be able to maximise the value of a visit or inspection. It is important when cross referencing to ensure that you have sufficient evidence to demonstrate everything you reference, as your cross reference must be capable of standing alone whether you offer it as primary or supplementary example.

Of course some visits will only lend themselves to very specific write ups, some may not be suitable to be written up at all, but may help you develop and hone your skills. These are just as valuable as visits that can be written up and lend themselves to comprehensive cross referencing.

If you are in any doubt about cross referencing of interventions or demonstration of skills you are strongly advised to discuss your proposed write you with your student training officer or with a mentor.



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