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Complete Intervention Area - Shieldyourself


Intervention area

Food and Health and Safety

Nature of training opportunity

To join the Shieldyourself team for a period from 1 week up to 6 months.

Shieldyourself are a leading specialist in health and safety, fire safety, food safety management systems and compliance software. Our enthusiastic and committed team work with and have developed solutions that reduce paperwork and save time and money for some of the largest multiple location businesses in the UK.

Training outcome

Experience for ELP or PPP within the disciplines of food safety and health and safety.  This work will broadly involve Food safety and health and safety audits, training, investigation of accidents, incidents, allegations of food poisoning and foreign body contamination and development of policy document.

Training provider



Sarah Delaney
Head of Compliance Services
Email: s.delaney@shieldyourself.co.uk 
Telephone: 0845 643 7225
Fax: 0845 643 7226

Learning period required

Flexible from 1 day to 3 months, specific dates subject to mutual agreement. 

Precluded dates

Avoid December. 

Specific requirements

Digital photograph of the student is required to produce an ID badge.  Student to provide food grade coat and hat.

Students should be proficient in the use of Microsoft products and the internet.  Shieldyourself have a range of web based compliance solutions that the student will be required to learn. 

Placements are flexible and can start at any point in the year. Students should apply by e mail sending a short CV explaining why they want to take up the placement.
Student will be expected to travel.  Students are not required to provide a car, although this is preferable.  Students to bring food grade white coat, hairnet and hat.

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