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Skin piercing - body modification - Torbay Council


Intervention area

Health and Safety  (S4).

Nature of training opportunity

The interface of Workplace H&S with the Public

Inspection/audit of piercing, tattooing and body modification premises.

Training outcome

Understanding of the risks posed to operators and to customers through skin piercing and body modification  processes

Understanding and appreciation of the steps required to reduce risk of infection and spread of infection and control mechanisms necessary to achieve same.

Training provider

Torbay Council
Town Hall
Castle Circus


Dave Walker
Email: Dave.walker@torbay.gov.uk 
Telephone: 01803 208025

Learning period required

1 day

Precluded dates

Dates must be arranged with contact officer.

Specific requirements


Group visit? *

Small groups possible by arrangement.

Additional comments

Nature of opportunity will depend on what premises are currently due for inspection.

Linked visits


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