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Food Safety Inspections Newport

Intervention Area

Food Safety

Nature of Training Opportunity

Inspection of ship’s galley and food stores allied with examination of deratting certification etc

Training Outcome

Understanding the requirements of food safety legislation as they apply particularly to vessels.
Understanding the relationship between Port Health Authorities and the Marine Safety Agency (The Memorandum of Understanding ).
Understanding infection control issues e.g. arising from rodent infestations, and illness aboard vessels.
Understanding the relationship between the Port Health Authority and the Consultant in Communicable Disease Control.

Name of Training provider

Newport City Council (Newport Port Health)


Rhydian West
Email Rhydian.West@newport.gov.uk

Learning Period required

1 day

Precluded dates

Month of August
2 weeks immediately prior to and after Christmas
Last 2 weeks in March

Specific requirements

Toe tectors or similar safety shoes, Day Glow Jacket, Hard Hat, White overall.
Disposable hats can be provided.

Group Visit? *


Additional comments

Student to be familiar with Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations (as amended) together with related code of practice. Also Public Health (Ships) Regulations 1979. Trading Standards Sampling of Imported Feeding Stuffs may be possible, if coincides with student visit

Linked visits


* If a group visit is indicated, booking will not be by individual students through the contact officer, but will be by the student with UWIC, on dates agreed with the local authority concerned.

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