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Public health

Environmental health has an important and unique contribution to make to improving public health and reducing health inequalities. The CIEH is working to ensure that this contribution is fully developed and brought to bear, both in support of government policy and in campaigning for necessary additional measures. 

We believe that making environmental health concerns heard is essential to the achievement of long-term improvements in the health of the population, in creating and maintaining sustainable communities, and in addressing the health consequences of environmental degradation and global changes in climate, habitat, energy supplies and other key stressors. 

Link to Guidance for the Investigation of Cryptosporidium outbreaks linked to swimming pools 



All documents are in PDF format.

Guidelines for the provision of safe drinking water at events 

Social Determinants of Health: the Solid Facts, 2nd edition / edited by Richard Wilkinson and Michael Marmot (2003)

Improving Health and Reducing Inequalities, September 2004- English | Welsh