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Top tips for Garden Centres

1. A responsible person must be appointed to manage ornamental water fountains.
2. Your risk assessment must include ornamental water fountains. You have a duty under the Health and Safety Act 1974 to produce a risk assessment. The risk assessment must be reviewed in an event of a significant change, if not at least once every 2 years. The risk assessment must include:

  • Assessment of the microbiological risk
  • Assessment of the slipping risk

3. A maintenance log book should be kept. Any treatment, cleaning regime, dissembling that occurs should be recorded.

4. Try and avoid the water being stagnant.

5. Ensure there is a provision of adequate hand washing facilities present on the premise, especially if your premise includes food facilities.

6. Make certain that proprietary cleaning chemicals and the appropriate dilution are used to clean the ornamental water fountains.

7. Draft a cleaning schedule that ensures regular and thorough cleaning.

8. The ornamental water fountains must be kept free form sediment and micro-organisms, such as algae.
Also, some health and safety precautions need to be considered, such as:

1. Inform the public of any hazards using signs. For example:

  • slippery surface
  • water in fountain may contain bacteria, wash hands thoroughly after immersion.

2. Keep the floor area as dry as possible to reduce the risk of slipping.