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Wales Healthy Options Award

The following materials are available to download to support your delivery of the Award:

  • Guidance on Healthy Options Award version 1
    This is a step-by-step guide to the award. It is intended to be given to the catering premises before the assessment, and will provide useful information to the assessor.

All information regarding the Eatwell Guide can be seen from:

Tailor made guidance

A number of supplementary guidance documents on individual cuisines to support the Guidance on Healthy Options Award. They may be given in addition to the guidance to appropriate premises, and used by assessors. Additionally, there are two pieces of guidance for assessors that provide more information on the ingredients used for some dishes:


PDF icon small 

Adapting your menu: Chinese Restaurants 

PDF icon small 

Adapting your menu: Indian Restaurants 

PDF icon small 

A guide to: Indian Restaurants dishes for ASSESSORS (only intended for assessors, not for caterers)

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Adopting your menu: Italian & Pizza Restaurants 

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Adapting your menu: Mexican Restaurants 

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A guide to: Mexican Restaurants dishes for ASSESSORS 


The assessment form mirrors the Guidance - it is split into sections that have the same headings as the fact sheets. Assessors may find it useful to have the two side-by-side as they go through the assessment. A version without scores is available as some LAs may wish to give this to caterers in advance of the assessment.



Within the Healthy Options assessment form, assessors need to answer ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘Non Applicable (N/A)’ to each question. This document helps to clarify when it is acceptable to give a ‘N/A’ answer.

Healthy Options Award certificates:


LA can add their own logos, signatory details etc.

Healthy Options Award logo –LAs are encouraged to use the logo in promoting the Award etc.

All materials are currently version 1. It is intended the Award will be reviewed regularly, and the materials revised accordingly.

The CIEH will keep a record of premises who receive an award from LAs. A list will be put on the CIEH website, and will be used to further evaluate and promote the award. Could you please send details of premises, type of premises (Chinese takeaway etc), level of award, and date awarded to Julie Barratt, using the contact form.

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